Helping those in need during the

Covid-19 Crisis

Last week we partnered with The Migrant Kitchen in their mass feeding efforts to support the healthcare workers and the vulnerable in the communities of NYC, in particular homeless women and children.

We are proud to announce that we partnered with DoorDash and GATHER, Seeds Of Peace’s social innovation arm on this initiative. 

Through this partnership we are providing warm, individually packaged meals to the healthcare workers on the front lines of fighting the virus in our city, and to organizations that help those that are in need, be it homeless shelters, community outreach groups, and others.  With our current logistics we are able to drop off these meals through our partnership with Door Dash, who aims to keep their employees earning an income In this difficult time.  


We are completely volunteer & donation based as our team of chefs are stepping up and donating their time in this effort to help. We are also sourcing with our network to secure donations of raw product for our chefs to work with.  


We have so far supplied the covid 19 units at Memorial Sloan, NYU Bellevue, Lennox Hill and Mount Sinai Hospitals.  We are also sending food to the grassroots organization The Door, which houses homeless women and children. 


As the government tells us that the worst is yet to come, we would like to get to 1000 meals/ day and any support can help 


If you like and can share our GoFundMe with your network, please help us do so as any donation helps to keep this going and keep food on the table to people who are food and income insecure at this time 

There is no cost associated to those receiving this service.  As we are donation based, all we ask is that you help us share our work with your network to bring more awareness to what we are doing.  If this sounds like it may be a good idea for you, please reach out and let’s schedule a call or send us an email at